Responsive Web Design Workshop at Interface

13 May 2014

It's been nearly four years since Ethan Marcotte published a little piece A List Apart on Responsive Web Design. It's the post that launched a thousand redesigns. Like many, I was first introduced to RWD after seeing the Boston Globe's redesign, and I began to implement it at work (which now sports a solid responsive homepage) and on this blog.

But not everyone is sold on the concept. Lots of folks are building desktop-only sites, or siloing a fraction of their content off into an m-dot subdomain. Others have tried, but struggle with building a high-performing responsive site, or think their users "don't want to do this on mobile".

That's why I'm so excited to be working with the crazy-talented Jerod Santo and Shonna Dorsey to lead a workshop on Responsive Web Design at the Interface Web School. It'll be a 4 day course this July that spans the gamut of building for the responsive Web, starting with the 3 key elements and moving onto tooling, performance, webapps, IE support, and lots more. And it'll run in the evenings, so you don't even have to convince your boss to take time off work for it.

You can register on Interface's website. It'll be fun!

[ Responsive Web Design Course

(PS: This post is using Picturefill, which is one approach to responsive images I'll talk about during the course.)